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Where quality and freshness counts                  Traditional Home Cooked Products                    No Preservatives                Pleasant Prompt Service      


149 Lachlan St, Hay, NSW, 2711    Ph: 02 6993 1130    Mob: 0429 931 922    Fax: 02 6993 4681

                                                 Our Location

Hay is a friendly town on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, about halfway between Sydney and Adelaide and 410 kilometres from Melbourne. The Sturt, Mid-Western and Cobb Highways intersect at Hay.

Due to the central location of our friendly township, Hay is the perfect spot to stop off for a few minutes and take a well earned break from your long journey.

Robertson's Hot Bread Kitchen is located in the centre of town on the corner of Lachlan and McGregor streets and we are well organised to cater for your needs, whether they be a light snack for a couple, a healthy lunch for a family or a well organised luncheon for a tour group.

You can book ahead for your catering needs by:

Why not stop and see some of varied tourist attractions or wander through one of Hays five musuems?