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The second unit is a Rotel II. This unit is extremely useful as although it is one unit it has the capability of having it's 6 individual ovens set at different temperatures and different timings meaning that 6 different products can be baked at the one time


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149 Lachlan St, Hay, NSW, 2711    Ph: 02 6993 1130    Mob: 0429 931 922    Fax: 02 6993 4681

                                                    The Bakery

The Robertson's Bakery section has expanded over the year to it's present state, which is one of the biggest private bakeries in the Riverina Area of NSW.


The bakery consists of some precision machinery, some quite new and some of an older generation.

It has been thoughtfully laid out allowing for the most effective means of negotiation from one machinery or work space to another.

Robbo's bakery area consists of two oven units, the first being a unit that not only bakes the bread, but also shapes and forms the loaves. This huge oven is an invaluable asset to Tim and the bakery.